The Voice of the Lift, Escalator and Moving Walk Industry in Europe


The very business of the lift, escalator & moving walk industry is ACCESSIBILITY: vertical and horizontal accessibility of all to the whole built environment. More than any other industrial sector, we understand the need of a uninterrupted and smooth circulation of citizens in the buildings, cities, underground and above-ground stations, airports, shopping malls and generally in the whole European built environment.

We can all become people with disabilities, temporarily or permanently. A mother with a pram, a person with a broken leg in a cast, a senior citizen with impaired vision or hearing are not considered as disabled, but they are! That is why our member companies want the most precise levelling accuracy of our lifts, for a smooth and safe transition between floors. More than others, we understand how the “greying” European society means that the existing built environment will have to become much more accessible than now. Keeping senior citizens at home, in their flat, as long as possible is not only their wish, but it is also much less expensive to the European states than putting older citizens in costly institutions. Our houses and public buildings will need to be adapted to answer the growing accessibility needs of an ageing population.


2013 - Accessibility survey table