The Voice of the Lift, Escalator and Moving Walk Industry in Europe

ELA, the voice of the lift, escalator and moving walk industry in Europe

ELA, the European Lift Association, represents the lifts, escalators and moving walks associations active in the European Economic Area or in any country member of the Council of Europe, whether they are national associations or sector specific associations. ELA also represents their components manufacturers. Thanks to this very wide representation, ELA has become the main communication vector of the lift, escalator and moving walks industry to the European Commission, the European Parliament and a range of other institutions and organizations. Its aim is also to help the national associations in their dialogue with their respective governments.

ELA is the result of the transformation of the European Forum of the National Lift Associations (EFLA) into the wider ranging European Lift Association, in the course of 2002. The by-laws have been published in the Annexes to the Belgian official journal (Belgisch Staatsblad - Moniteur Belge) on May 20, 1999 and changed several times since.

ELA welcomes EEA, the European Elevator Association, as one of its members, next to the other associations representing the world of lifts in Europe.



  • To promote quality, safety and the highest technical standards and to encourage technical progress in the fields of manufacturing, installation and maintenance of lifts, escalators and moving walks.


  • To participate in all dialogues with and to represent its members vis-à-vis public or private, national, EU and international organizations dealing, directly or indirectly, with issues related to lifts, escalators and moving walks.


  • To participate in the formulation of codes, standards, regulations, instructions or other notifications, regarding lifts, escalators and moving walks, together with national, EU or international organizations, and to supervise the implementation thereof.


  • To collect and update information, to set up databases and to publish statistics on equipment and services related to lifts, freight lifts, escalators, moving walks, associated systems and their components.
  • To promote information for, and continued training of, installation or maintenance personnel.


  • To develop a durable link between its members, the users of equipment and services related to lifts, escalators and moving walks, the public authorities and organizations as well as the public at large in the lift and escalator sector, and to further foster cooperation with the European and national authorities.


  • To identify the needs and interests of its members and to inform them of the legislative and political developments at EU level as well as the development of codes and standards at European and international levels.


  • To encourage the adoption of common positions by the European lift, escalator and moving walks industry and to represent its interests.


  • To achieve all that is useful with regard to the accomplishment of any of the above objectives without pecuniary profit to ELA or any of its members.