The Voice of the Lift, Escalator and Moving Walk Industry in Europe


pexels-son-tung-tran-6531914.jpgThe Recovery and Resilience Facility is the key instrument at the heart of NextGenerationEU to help the EU emerge stronger and more resilient from the current economic and social crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. It consists of 723.8 billion Euros in grants and loans for EU countries to invest in certain areas of the economy. 

The European Lift Association (ELA) strongly believes that the lift, escalator and moving walks industry can definitely contribute to the recovery by focusing on activities related to Accessibility, Modernisation, Clean Mobility and Digitalisation to build a stronger, more resilient Europe that is ready for the future.  

The responsibility of transforming this initiative into a real opportunity for lift industry members lies with the national associations through direct dialogue with their respective governments. ELA’s role is to continue monitoring the situation in each country through the feedback received directly from members, making best practices available to all.