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Interlift 2022: World's leading trade fair successful even in difficult times / 11,800 experts from 87 countries find out about innovations in the elevator industry / Top rating from exhibitors and visitors

Augsburg – YES! If there had been any doubts about holding the interlift, this very special interlift 2022 has finally dispelled them. It was the first major event for the industry, and it brought the international elevator family together again for the first time in two and a half years. And it probably exceeded the expectations of everyone involved. This is also evident from the survey conducted by Gelszus Trade Fair Market Research; just how important it was for exhibitors and visitors to be here in Augsburg. Despite challenging general conditions, 11,800 trade visitors from 87 nations came to Augsburg to find out about the innovations and trends in the elevator industry. And their opinion was clearly positive. This also applies to the assessment by the 350 exhibitors.

Proportion of top decision-makers remains high

The professional quality and decision-making competence of the visitors has been one of the most important factors for the success of the interlift from the very beginning. This has not changed in 2022: 68% are involved in procurement decisions in a decisive or co-decisive way! A further 17% of visitors are involved in investments, at least in an advisory capacity. Almost every second visitor comes to prepare or secure an investment, 30% have already concluded deals at the fair. 71% of the visitors had contacts with exhibitors that could lead to deals after the interlift. Last but not least: 57% visit the interlift exclusively to find out about the latest developments in the elevator sector.

Positive outlook for the industry

 One perhaps somewhat surprising result of the survey: The majority is even more optimistic about the future development of the elevator industry than in 2019. 67% of the visitors expect a strong or slightly increasing development in the next few years - in 2019 it was "only" 62%. A quarter of them (24%) assume that economic development will remain constant, 9% expect a slight weakening and 1% a strong weakening.

VFA-Forum interlift: very popular again

The opportunity to obtain compact information on a wide range of topics was used extensively: The VFA Forum interlift with a total of 40 lectures attracted an audience of almost 2,000. The proportion of forum-interested visitors among the trade fair visitors is constantly increasing and this year amounted to over 16 %. The VFA Forum interlift is internationally known and recognised as a high-quality knowledge platform for the lift industry.

Exhibitors: we will come back in 2023!

 The majority of the 350 elevator companies involved were also glad to have been in Augsburg. Business was good - for most of the companies. Three out of four exhibitors were all in all very satisfied to satisfied. Expectations for post-show business are also high: 78% anticipate "very good", "good" or "satisfactory" business. No surprise, then, that 85% already say they will participate in the interlift 2023 - only 3% do not plan to do so.

Rebooking: Almost 100 exhibitors already booked for interlift 2023

"The new rebooking campaign was a huge success!" said interlift project manager Joachim Kalsdorf. "Almost 100 companies booked their participation for the upcoming trade fair at interlift 2022 already, among them Orona, Meiller and Schmersal. And none of them had expected such a large number of visitors. The two Italian collectives of ANICA and ANACAM will also be present. There will be a substantial participation from China, for which 1,500 m2 have already been reserved.

Good start for Lift Match

 Even for visitors from outside Europe, who were not yet able to realize a live participation in the interlift again in this special year, there was an offer to be there. The first edition of "Lift Match" took the participants on a virtual tour of the trade fair. Around 100 participants each followed the product presentations, which made them want to be there live again in 2023.

Advantage for early bookers until May 31, 2022

 The interlift 2023 is scheduled again at the usual autumn date from October 17 - 20. Those who still want to secure their participation at the favorable early bird price, should do so before May 31. The registration documents can be downloaded from the interlift homepage .

Voices on the interlift 2022

 Henning and Thilo Könicke, Managing Directors AFAG Messen und Ausstellungen GmbH "We are absolutely grateful to all exhibitors and visitors of the interlift 2022. With our strong partner, the VFA-interlift e.V., we have created a great industry event and many members of the international lift family have followed our call. We are already looking forward to the interlift 2023. We are starting the preparations with a very good potential of exhibitors, including those who could not be present in 2022, and many firmly booked participations!"

Achim Hütter, President of VFA Interlift e.V.

"Luck is with the brave! We are indeed very happy that we have stuck to the decision to hold this interlift 2022. Far more visitors than we had hoped for, top[1]class discussions and good business. I think everyone's expectations have been clearly exceeded. It is hard to imagine a better starting situation for the upcoming interlift."

Mikel Lorenzo, Export Director of Orona

 "The current general conditions with the Corona pandemic and the Ukraine conflict are difficult. Nevertheless, we are very satisfied with our participation at the interlift 2022. Thanks to the new position in Hall 1, we were able to welcome even more customers to our stand than last time. We will be back at the interlift in 2023."

Peter Zeitler, Managing Director / CEO NEW LIFT Steuerungsbau GmbH

 "For us, there was no question at any time of not exhibiting at interlift 2022. And we have not regretted this decision for a moment. For our company, the interlift was a complete success, about 90 % of our customers visited us here."

 Wittur Holding GmbH

 "For the Wittur Group it is very important to talk directly with its customers. For this reason, Wittur has the firm intention to exhibit at Interlift 2023, which will take place from October 17 to 20, 2023. Wittur is keen to demonstrate its innovation capabilities for various elevator components such as doors, cabs, mechanical packages and systems, as well as the latest updates in its digital services and spare parts management offering."

Further information: VFA-Interlift e.V., Christella Herzog, Süderstraße 282, 20537 Hamburg,